In 2019, Les Jamelles take a big step forward in their environmental commitment, opting for a lighter bottle!

Due to the fact that we export more than 70% of our production, this change in bottle will allow for a considerably significant reduction in our carbon footprint, addressing environmental concerns expressed by our consumers and our distributers alike.

What remains unchanged are the attributes of the Les Jamelles bottle: its tall, elegant Bordeaux shape with pronounced broad shoulders, its embossing, flat rim, and all of the brand identity that is appreciated by consumers in over 45 countries.

What has changed is its weight with a significant reduction of 20% (500 g instead of the initial 630 g) due in particular to reducing the bottle’s height by a minimum of 6 mm and its diameter by 2 mm.

Laurent Delaunay, co-founder of the Les Jamelles brand, points out: “These new bottles account for a savings of 2.6 tons for a 40-foot container, resulting in a substantial reduction in transport costs for our clients. It also represents less of an carbon impact on the environment due to a 590-ton decrease in our glass consumption, equivalent to 470 tons of CO2 per year!”.

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