liste des gammes

Les Classiques

A range composed by 13 unavoidable varietal wines that are soft, delicious and expressive. They offer great value and are regularly awarded at international wine competitions.

Cépage Rare

A unique collection of heritage, little-known, or unexpected varietals in the South of France to be (re)discovered!


Our perfect knowledge of the Languedoc terroirs and the lasting relationships established with some of our partner winegrowers allow us to offer a short range of wines produced according to the strict specifications of organic farming.

Sélection spéciale

The Les Jamelles “Sélection Spéciale” wines reveal Catherine Delaunay’s unique know-how in the art of blending. These wines are the result of this search for excellence hailing from old vines cultivated In the most beautiful Languedoc’s terroirs and wines partially aged in oak barrel.

Sélection parcellaire

Les Jamelles features some very unique terroirs with its «Sélection Parcellaire» range. 4 exceptional wines that result from the subtle alchemy between terroir, vine, grape varietal and human intervention.

Vin Orange

Sans sulfites ajoutés / Minimalist

This very first cuvée without added sulfites is the result of Catherine Delaunay and her team’s desire to explore new vinification techniques and innovate to meet consumer demand for more natural products. The result? A wine with intense, pure aromas and flavours but with MINIMALIST* packaging!


The sparkling version of Les Jamelles! A pleasing, convivial wine suited to any occasion.

Les Petites Jamelles

A range of all three colours of fruity, smooth, balanced wines. These wines are perfectly suited to simple, convivial occasions.