April in our vineyards!

Spring symbolizes renewal. The vines start to grow as the days get warmer and longer. After a long dormancy, the first leaves show up, here in a parcel of Chardonnay.


During April, the team sets up sexual confusion diffusers. This method is respectful of the environment and makes it possible to protect the vines from harmful insects, without having to use any pesticides. The diffusers disturb the reproduction of the parasites, avoiding their propagation and important damages on the grapes.

Frost episodes? are announced for the coming week… Let’s hope that the damages will not be too important!

Update : April 19, 2021

Like many vineyards in France, we have been strongly impacted by the frost episodes of the past weeks. During the night of April 7 to 8, temperatures in the Languedoc region dropped to -5°C in some areas.

In our vineyard, early grape varieties like Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot noir…were the most affected. We will be able to measure the impact of these historic frosts on the production  in the coming weeks, but we know that the damages are already very important in some areas…

We have a special thought for all the wine growers, arboriculturists, farmers and breeders of France who have suffered from this freezing weather.

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