Sans sulfites ajoutés / Minimalist

This very first cuvée without added sulfites is the result of Catherine Delaunay and her team’s desire to explore new vinification techniques and innovate to meet consumer demand for more natural products. The result? A wine with intense, pure aromas and flavours but with MINIMALIST* packaging!
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Syrah-Grenache – Sans sulfites ajoutés

Grape variety

Syrah 70%, Grenache 30%

The majority of the Syrah and Grenache grapes come from the slopes of the Orb Valley, north of Béziers. The vines are planted in soil that overlies calcareous clay basalt streaks. This higher-altitude terroir, where the nights are cool, lends velvety tannins, roundness and richness to the wines it yields. The rest of the grapes come from the foothills of the Montagne Noire, in the northern Minervois, where the vines grow in predominantly limestone soil.


The grapes, in perfect health, are harvested at their peak of ripeness and brought to the winery, protected by dry ice, in order to prevent oxidation.
What makes this cuvée unique is that it is crafted without the addition of sulfites during the vinification and ageing processes. This requires constant attention at the winery and an extremely precise process to avoid the development of undesirable bacteria and prevent the wine from oxidizing. 

In order to conduct vinification without adding sulfites, we encourage the development of yeasts during fermentation so as to maintain very pure fruity and spicy flavours while avoiding the  development of microorganisms that could alter the wine’s aromas and flavours. Once alcoholic fermentation is complete, malolactic fermentation occurs rapidly because there is no sulfur added.

When malolactic fermentation is finished, we bring the temperature of the wine down (to 10°C) in order to hinder the development of microorganisms and begin the ageing process. This will not last long (over the course of one winter) to avoid allowing the microorganisms to “wake up”. Tight filtering enables us to eliminate them afterwards.

Sulfite-free vinification results in a wine with remarkably intense aromas and flavours.


The Les Jamelles sulfite-free Syrah-Grenache features deep red colour with bluish nuances. The nose is expressive and intense, with primary aromas of fruit (cherry) along with black cherry coulis. Slight hints of vanilla and spices (paprika/bacon, pepper) can also be perceived. The olfactory persistence is very appealing.

This wine offers a nice, fresh palate that is spicy and fruity (fresh cherry), with notes of liquorice and a touch of minerality. It boasts perfect balance between elegant, well-integrated tannins and pleasing freshness. This sulfite-free method of vinification and ageing allows for intense, distinct expression of the fruit.

Food & Wine

Serve at 18°C with grilled meats, especially lamb, or with tajine, cannelloni, ratatouille, an eggplant loaf, or even as an accompaniment to a cheese platter.

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