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Low Nat Cinsault-Grenache

« Committed to an approach focused on ongoing innovation, we have created low nat : a new generation of varietal wines, naturally low in alcohol and certified organic. This unique and innovative offer is perfectly in line with today’s desire for lightness, freshness and naturalness. It combines precise winemaking expertise with the emblematic les jamelles know-how. Less sugar, less alcohol, fewer calories and unrivalled pleasure. »  – Catherine Delaunay

Grape variety

Cinsault, Grenache gris

From varietal selection to vinification, we follow a very specific process for LOW NAT wines.

Soil selection : we have identified fertile, cool soils that enable high yields and abundant foliage. This naturally avoids a rapid sugar concentration during the grape development stage and preserves the flavor and intensity of the fruit. In addition, these well-draining and filtering soils mean that, in the event of rain, residual humidity is very low. This feature is of great interest in organic certification, as humidity favors the development of disease.


In order to obtain a naturally low alcohol content of 9%, without any dealcoholization
process, different steps are taken into account :

  • Early harvest : The grapes are harvested earlier in the season, usually in the beginning of August. The sugar content is then lower, which yields a lower alcohol content in the wine.
  • Unique vinification : an innovative technique is used in which malolactic fermentation is carried out on the juice. This allows us to work on the wine’s balance while guaranteeing its protection. Low-alcohol wines are more fragile and therefore require a high level of technical expertise.
  • Yeast selection : the yeast chosen for alcoholic fermentation are highly specific and have a low yield in converting sugars into alcohol, meaning more sugar is consumed to produce one degree of alcohol.

This wine is a result of many years of research coupled with our technical expertise, resulting
in a naturally low-alcohol wine of the highest quality.


With its delicate pale pink color, Les Jamelles Low Nat Cinsault-Grenache is delicate and elegant, with fruity, gourmet notes of peach, raspberry and grenadine, complemented by a lovely freshness. Easy to drink, it’s a well-balanced rosé that combines roundness and minerality.


Food & Wine

Serve chilled at 8°C.
This Low Nat Cinsault-Grenache is ideal as an aperitif, with white meats, grilled fish or sushi. It also perfectly pairs with Mediterranean cuisine, such as falafels or a lightly spiced chakchouka.


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